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Pickled Lemons

Updated: Jan 25

Stocking up with Umami get you through for the winter.

A few years ago after a big storm, the lemon tree at my parents house had a huge fall out. as I was just visiting, I helped my father to make a huge jar of preserved lemons. Those were the best pickled lemons I have ever tasted and I became addicted. those lemons traveled with me internationally back to Berlin and became almost in daily use.

Winter is the perfect time to stock up with pickled lemons. The winter lemons are smaller, have a thiner peel and therefore their peel is not as bitter as the summer ones. Since there is so much taste in the peel I recommend using it as well.

I choose Organic, small and fresh lemons, the fresher they are from the tree the lass seeds they have which means more meat and less work:)

In order for the lemons to last longer, I use a Jar that can be sealed completely and let it sit for a few minutes with bowled water, then just let it cool off a bit before I start to fill it with lemons. Its ok if´s still wet a bit when you start.

How to:

cut the lemon on the long side into 8 pieces - the really small ones to 4 pieces and add to the Jar, for each lemon, sparkle 1 Teaspoon fine table salt, a thin slice of red Chilli and 1/2-1/3 clove of garlic. When the Jar is full I cover the lemons with fresh lemon Juice and and then about 5 mm olive oil.

When completely sealed, the jar can stay as long as 6-8 months on the kitchen shelf. Once its open for the first time its better moved in the refrigerator where it can last another 4-6 months. The lemons will be ready after 3-5 weeks depending on the temperature of the room - the hotter it is the faster it will be. The longer they will stand the tastier it will get.

Thank you Dad for the recipe:)

Try it out and let me know how it was!


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