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Our Philosophy

À la Shuk is Israeli fusion cuisine - made in Berlin. We combine oriental-Mediterranean dishes with culinary influences from Europe and a lot of temperament!


Traditional Israeli family recipes, combined with Israeli street food and provided with the very special à La Shuk twist. There is no skimping on taste!

So even the most unusual spices directly from Tel Aviv's markets find a special place in our pots.


We place special emphasis on packaging-free food and healthy and seasonal cuisine. We source the majority of our products used from our organic supplier and local suppliers.



We offer our menu selection as a traditional buffet, as well as a "flying" option. For many dishes we can also offer a vegetarian or vegan option.

The menu can be customized from all our dishes. Each request is individually coordinated with the customer to find the perfect menu composition for the event.


Sample Menu

A selection of our current dishes:

Plait bread

filled with pecorino cheese and leek


Carrot salad (vegan)

caramelized pecans, chives


Cherry tomato salad (vegan)

Pomegranate, mint leaves, pickled lemon


Fatush salad

Green salad, artichoke, mozzarella, sumac bread


Beetroot falafel (vegan)

Chickpeas, beetroot, grilled eggplant, horseradish sesame paste


Moroccan cauliflower in tempura

smoked paprika aioli deep


Tabula shrimp

Bulgur salad with herbs, feta and tomato vinaigrette


Za’azar calamari

Homemade Labane fresh zucchini and pickled onion


Roasted beetroot

Roasted beetroot from the pan with balsamic vinegar, date honey, walnuts & goat cheese


Lamb ragout

Low cocked with onion, garlic and celery bulbs on grilled vegetables and tahini, optionally with beef


Beef meatballs

Beef meatballs with pistachios and rocket with sumac yogurt


Mousse au chocolat

Halva, caramelized cashew nuts, pomegranate


Vegan Malabi

Rose water, coconut, pistachios



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